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    His work is lively, timeless, yet conveys a sense of serenity. He has been featured in over 300 newspaper/magazine articles and 30 published books, including a book written on his art career entitled: “Emanuel Martinez: A Retrospective”.

    I welcome you to contact me for more information about any Murals, Paintings, Sculptures or projects.

    The Emanuel Project

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    The Emanuel Project positively impacts at-risk youth by providing inspirational and expressive experiences where youth participate in the construction and creation of Murals of Hope with Emanuel Martinez, a nationally renowned mural artist. Each Mural of Hope is placed in central locations of all participating organizations, providing a legacy of inspirational thoughts and ideas. This vision is accomplished with the help of institutions, community and university system support giving these youth hope for the future which will reduce recidivism, behavioral problems and increase success in the classroom.

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    The Emanuel Project

    Emanuel Martinez book available

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